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Havoc 2013 Model Search

Eight smokefree and sexy models have been chosen to compete in our annual Havoc model search. Each contestant is an active Havoc brand ambassador and supports a smokefree scene in their hometown. Havoc is giving away $500 in cash prizes to our Havoc 2013 model search winners. Support your hometown Havoc girls. Go online and VOTE NOW.  

Armie Hammer

Lookout, Bruce Willis, there’s a new handsome guy hogging up the big screen action jobs after a brief stint on the small screen. Armie Hammer is the Lone Ranger and yes, he’s kind of a big deal. Hammer started his career with some reoccurring roles on such TV shows as Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives, Reaper and Gossip Girl. However, it was his portrayal of not one but two people (the ... (Continue Reading...)

Man Puts Head in Cage to Quit Smoking

This day and age, everybody is well versed in the dangers of smoking, its addictive nature and the struggle that millions of people have with quitting. For those who have quit, have attempted to quit or are in the process of doing so, you know that struggle very well. For the non-smokers or anyone who hasn’t tried to drop the habit, quitting is undoubtedly one of the toughest things anyone ... (Continue Reading...)

Emma Watson

So let’s be totally honest here: anybody else think it’s sort of creepy to look at Emma Watson and think she’s smoking hot? Sure she totally IS smoking hot but come on, we all got our first looks at her when she was Hermione Granger, casting spells with a bunch of other elementary school kids in the Harry Potter flicks. It’s like going away for college and coming home to ... (Continue Reading...)

Pay Up

The funny thing about smoking is that nobody is denying its dangerous side. Every smoker knows the health risk they’re taking and these days, even big tobacco openly admits that they sell harmful products. Yet the products still exist, people still buy smokes and big tobacco sees the common knowledge regarding smoking’s danger not so much as a crippling truth but rather, an advertising challenge. …but they dropped the ball.   The state ... (Continue Reading...)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest British import to show up big time on U.S. movie screens. He got his start in acting back in 2002 but being that it was in England, most of us here in the states had no idea who he was. Cumberbatch is well versed in stage acting, TV and films. Thanks to his prowess, his talents can no longer be confined to Europe alone.  Thanks to ... (Continue Reading...)

Where Theres Smoke Theres Fire

It seems like the most obvious danger that a cigarette can pose. No, not cancer or some kind of illness; we’re talking about fire. However, fires caused by unattended cigarettes are still a major problem despite humans understanding the dangers of flame since caveman times. In a recent article published by Bay News 9 in Tampa, FL, we learn that a woman managed to catch her house on fire, ... (Continue Reading...)