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Double Take

Despite being dressed up with countless flavors and social appeal, hookah is not only NOT safer than cigs but is even more dangerous. True story. One hookah session contains 50 times the cancer causing smoke as one cigarette. Yes, even if it's bubble gum flavored.

Deja Vu

This month Havoc is bringing you event memorable so that the night resonate with you for weeks afterward like the most awesome instance of deja vu you've ever experienced. Deja Vu is going down in OKC on Friday, September 27th and Saturday, September 28th in Tulsa. Here's a quick rundown for each city: OKC - Friday 9/27 Featuring smokefree artists: Midnight Conspiracy & The Chaotic Good Massive “Eye-Live” laser light show Opening set ... (Continue Reading...)

Nerd Rage Was All The Rage

If anybody missed out on our Nerd Rage events this past month, boy did you seriously miss out. Havoc hosted parties in 4 cities and they all went off. Plus, we got to see some of the sexiest nerds our eyes have had the pleasure of viewing but hey, don't take our word for it. Check it out for yourself. Feast your eyes... Las Cruces - ... (Continue Reading...)

Quitting Smoking Resets Your Heart

"It's never too late to quit smoking. This study clearly shows that stopping smoking lowers the risk of heart attacks and death to the level of never smokers." – Dr. James K. Min   According to a new, multinational study lasting over two years, quitting smoking will eventually lower your rate of heart attack to the same level as people who have never smoked in their life. Dr. James K. Min and Dr. ... (Continue Reading...)

Sun City Music Festival This Weekend!

Alright folks, this weekend is the big Sun City Music festival and let’s be honest, is there a better way to spend your 3-day weekend? Nope. This year’s SCMF goes down at Ascarate Park in El Paso, TX and offers up two days of all the EDM, trance and electronic awesomeness you pretty little ears can handle. The festival rages from August 31st through September 1st. Tickets are ... (Continue Reading...)

Alice Braga

Alice Braga isn’t exactly knew to the big screen, she cut her teeth back in 1998 in a Portuguese short called Trampolim but most of us will recognize her from her role as Angelica in 2002’s City of God. This Brazilian beauty has been appearing in films for over a decade now but she’s just starting to get the blockbuster attention she deserves. Braga has appeared in both Spanish ... (Continue Reading...)

Smokers Make Less Money Than Nonsmokers

Keeping up the habit has become increasingly costly in the past few years. Tax hikes and other price increases have made the price per pack rise steadily and if you’re hooked, that means you’re paying more and more to continue smoking. As if that weren’t bad enough, a new study suggests that not only are smokers paying more than they used to for cigarettes but that on average, ... (Continue Reading...)