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Taylor (Squared)

b1 You know when something embarrassing happens and someone always has to revert to the cliché saying, “we’ll all look back on this one day and laugh about it?” Well, that’s sort of what the Twilight phenomenon will be like. Facts are facts and Twilight is huger than huge right now. People can’t get enough of this book/film franchise and as much as all the Twihards would love to see Kristen and Robert ... (Continue Reading...)

Tila Tequila

a1 Oh Tila, the havoc you cause, the Myspacing you do, and all in the name of MTV. Now I'm the first person to jump and praise anyone for opening new modes of thought and exposing themselves as discriminated minority; whether it be because of race, sexuality, religion, etc But you my dear do so to garner attention, you my dear do it to gain exposure for yourself (which by definition is ... (Continue Reading...)

Simply Scary

a1 Branding is important. If you’re going to sell something, whether it be a product or a service, the establishment of a brand identity is key. Endless research, testing and evaluation goes into the longevity of a good brand but what do you if all of the sudden, you’re not allowed to brand the way that has made you a success?   Simple. You redo it overnight.   In June 2009, the U.S. Senate worked with ... (Continue Reading...)


aaa3 HAVOC got down and dirty when we brought Sin to both ABQ and Las Cruces (October 22nd and 23rd respectively). With sexy brand ambassadors holding things down and even sexier Go-Go’s scuffing bar tops with new heels, the evening kicked off to a naughty start. ABQ’s party opened with local hero DJ Class Act then segued into a killer set from DJ Prophet who flew in all the way from L.A. The ... (Continue Reading...)

Buffalo Exchange

a1 Everyone loves a good deal, I know I do; sometimes you sacrifice certain things to stretch that dollar. But there are rare occasions when certain stores always have great deals on great clothes. Buffalo Exchange is with out exception one of those stores. The concept and first stored arrived in 1974 in Tuscan, AZ, I know not necessarily the fashion mecca of the US. However the concept has survived and so has ... (Continue Reading...)

Nikki Reed

b1 How many 21 year olds can say they've written and starred in an award-winning, critically acclaimed movie and is now apart of the hottest cast in the hottest movie this side of the galaxy? I can think of about.... one, Miss Nikki Reed. Hailing from West Los Angeles this gorgeous brunette has more than just a tantalizing look, and edgy sex appeal; she's a a dramatic genius, who can articulate and ... (Continue Reading...)


bbb How does that saying going, “ a woman scorned…” gets so fabulous not even Paris can out shine her, shaved hair can’t de-feminize her, and even the hottest hip-hop newcomers can’t tame her or even stay on her radar for long. 2009 has been a rainy year in terms of bad press, deplorable picture leaks, and complicated courtroom proceedings for urban princess Rhianna. Luckily she’s had many an umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay (I had ... (Continue Reading...)