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Enlightened Partier

Smokers are four times more likely to feel like they don't sleep well, and more likely to have bags under their eyes than non-smokers. Stay sexy all night long by partying smokefree.

50 Most Important People in EDM

The folks over at Rolling Stone have recently published a list naming the 50 most important people in EDM. This sort of thing is always interesting because people in any genre generally don't agree with either who is on the list or (more commonly) the order of the people on the list. Take a look for yourself HERE. What do you think? Did Rolling Stone hit the nail on ... (Continue Reading...)

Kids Can Buy E-Cigs in 29 States

Sometimes working backwards is the only option you have. Such is the case when it comes to selling E-Cigs to minors. Currently, most states in the U.S. don’t have laws that prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to minors but that’s about to change. Right now there are 29 states proposing new legislation that would prohibit the sale of any electronic nicotine-smoking device to minors. A ... (Continue Reading...)

Kiss & Tell

Ever kissed a smoker? Odds are you'd know if you did, even if you weren't aware that they were a smoker before you smooched them. That's because smoking causes bad breath and it can't be easily hidden. The fact is, gum, mints and even brushing can't fully cover up smoker's breath. Smoking dries the smoker's mouth out, which causes the bad breath you encounter when you go in for a kiss. ... (Continue Reading...)

Tomorrowland Is Getting HUGE

It should come as no shock to anyone reading this that EDM culture is picking up steam at an exponential rate. This is good news for Havoc, you and anyone else embracing the EDM community. To serve as further testament to the growth of the scene, this year's Tomorrowland festival is so popular that the website managed to sell over 360,000 tickets in less than an hour. Not ... (Continue Reading...)

E-Cig Ad Airs During Big Game

Ok so the big game was a complete blow out and it was pretty much over as soon as it started. Lucky for everyone watching, The Superbowl is known for more than just football. Perhaps even more infamous than the game itself, are the incredibly expensive commercials that companies drop millions on, and in some cases risk the future of their product, to get your attention for 30 ... (Continue Reading...)


Havoc has some pretty sweet stuff coming up in the near future that you wont want to miss out on. Beside having some cool events in the works, we also have some pretty cool new giveaways brewing. Among the goodies, are these brand spankin' new glow-in-the-dark Havoc slipmats. That's right, your eyes aren't playing tricks, these bad boys glow. So if you're a DJ or just a vinyl enthusiast and you ... (Continue Reading...)