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Winter Kate

These days Nicole Richie is working on more than just bibs and burping babies. Thankfully, she has finally stepped out of the Paris Hilton world of drama and into the successful business woman role. If you didn't get the scoop on what is hot now from the latest fashion week, you came to the right place. Nicole Richie's new line was the talk of the town and we all ... (Continue Reading...)

Nicole Richie

From the phrase "that's hot" to current baby mama, Nicole Richie has been in the paparazzi eye and on a roller coaster of fame for the past decade. She came into the public eye when she was coined "Paris Hilton's Bff," but now you can find her running around at fashion week showing off her new line with new baby Harlow in hand. In 2003, we all came to ... (Continue Reading...)

Brittany Murphy

b2 It's been a bad year for celebrities. We said goodbye to Mike, DJ AM, Bea Arthur, David Carradine, Farrah Fawcet, Ed McMahon, John Hughes and the latest: Brittany Murphy. At the young age of only 32, Brittany Murphy's death not only rocked Hollywood but is still being felt. On December 20th, fire fighters responded to a call at Murphy's home. Upon arrival, they found Murphy collapsed in her bathroom. They immediately tried ... (Continue Reading...)

Be Like Mike

58374669 He’s not your average hunk, he’s not really even a hunk at all, but he sure is funny. Michael Cera has given us one good laugh after another. From Superbad, Juno, to Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist, homeboy knows how to throw down the laughs. Somehow this geeky, ultra thin boy has become quite the little charmer when it comes to ladies… on screen that is. Hailing from the great white north, ... (Continue Reading...)

Broccoli City

2221 The wave of the future is no longer blue, it’s green baby, and you better get on your surfboard or dingy and ride, ride, ride. With global warming deafening our ears, and polar bears dying; the world is in dire need of change. Our generation stands to loose a great deal if measures aren’t met to change the way we live our lives. Now being serious, most of us don’t have ... (Continue Reading...)

Matt Damon

a1 He was introduced to the world with Good Will Hunting and although he showed immense talent both on and off the screen, he was just one of those guys that you try hard to NOT like. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about Matt Damon that everyone resisted so much from the start. Maybe it was will college boy looks and nonchalant attitude. Maybe it was his quick rise to ... (Continue Reading...)


a3 Notorious BIG lives on through song... and fashion. This dearly departed artist turned the rap game upside down, and pushed a floundering sweater brand back to the mainstream and skipping all the way to the bank. "I stay Coogi down to the socks," and (bam!) the line took back off. Coogi is known for the intricate sweaters that keep the wealthy and famous warm. Personally the sweaters don't do much for me ... (Continue Reading...)