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Milla Jovovich

Is there anything hotter than a devastatingly gorgeous lady who can break your heart and kick your ass at the same time? Milla Jovovich is undoubtedly one of the hottest actresses on the planet and she’s also one tough, zombie killing machine on the big screen. As you may suspect from her name, Jovovich was born in Ukraine. At five years old, she moved to California and at age 9, began ... (Continue Reading...)

Wake Up!

Artist: John Legend and The Roots Album: Wake Up! Release Date: 9/21/10 Coming at you with a healthy dose of soulful, hip hip infused funk, R&B bigshot John Legend teams with hip hop super group The Roots. However unlikely the combination may seem, the end result is a seamless amalgamation of musical styles that's not only enjoyable but pretty freakin' good. John Legend may or may not be your ... (Continue Reading...)

Who Really Sees It?

A recent article from The Boston Globe explored tobacco signage and advertising within convenience stores and not surprisingly, found that big tobacco is up to some questionable practices. It's a known fact that smoking rates are higher among low income neighborhoods and it's no coincidence. As the FDA takes on more and more responsibility in terms of tobacco regulation, some interesting facts are floating to the surface. In Boston ... (Continue Reading...)

Seriously Joaquin?

Despite all the good things that come with being a celebrity, there is also a fair amount of down sides. You may be rich and famous but you can’t buy lunch at Taco Bell without 30 people waiting outside to take your picture. The point is, being famous is stressful and sometimes people crack under the pressure. Joaquin Phoenix has had enough of acting…or has he? You’ll remember Phoenix from ... (Continue Reading...)

At Play 3

Artist: Deadmau5 Album: At Play 3 Release Date: Out Now! When you're a world renowned house/electro DJ with a hit video on MTV, you're doing something right...even if you do happen to wear a giant, plastic mouse head everytime you perform. Quite possibly Canada's greatest export since hockey and maple syrup, Deadmau5 (pronounced "deadmouse") is making waves with his new album and an old hit. Typically when an artist's video makes it to MTV's ... (Continue Reading...)

Matt Lanter

Enough is enough. Exactly how and when did everything on Tv and the big screen become about vampires, werewolves or some, mopy, teenage, emo combination of the two? The upcoming spoof film, Vampires Suck takes direct aim at the Twilight phenomenom and Matt Lanter is leading the charge. You may recognize Lanter from his role as Liam in 90210 or possibly even from his work in his previous spoof film, Disaster ... (Continue Reading...)

King Uncaged

Artist: T.I. Album: King Uncaged Release Date: Sept. 28, 2010 ...And the winner for most appropriate album title of the year is: T.I.! Love him or hate him, you have to admit that T.I.'s open and honest attitude about his legal woes is pretty refreshing in a time when celebs embark on secret rehab getaways and jail stints with the same frequency that normal people hit up Wal-Mart. Whether ... (Continue Reading...)