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The Truth Is Scary

It’s funny, not “funny ha-ha” but “funny-odd,” that so many smokers still don’t fully understand what they’re inhaling into their body. Sure, everyone and their mother knows that smoking is dangerous and that it can (and likely will, eventually) kill you but according to a new study as many as half of smokers aren’t aware of what big tobacco does to keep them hooked on a deadly product. In 2006, a ... (Continue Reading...)

Skrillex Plays Havoc Secret Show

If you weren't at our event in Oklahoma City on May 23rd, boy oh boy did you miss out big time. The OKC Bass Camp event was graced by the one and only Skrillex, who played a secret set for all in attendance. If you weren't there, you're bummed. The only way to be sure you catch this kind of awesomeness is to make sure you don't miss out on any ... (Continue Reading...)

Mothership & Recess

Wow. 2014 is going to be a big year for Skrillex. Sonny Moore (AKA Skrillex) is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the scene today and it  looks like he's about to solidify his position even more. After playing  string of one-off shows, including 2 weekends at Coachella, Skrillex will embark on a headlining U.S. tour this summer. The tour starts in Oklahoma City on May 23rd and ... (Continue Reading...)

Singing Butts

It’s estimated that trillions (that’s right TRILLIONS) of cigarette butts are littered worldwide every single year. They amount t hundreds of millions of pounds of waste annually and are known to be one of the most toxic forms of marine debris. Smokers make the choice to partake in an act that’s known to be harmful to themselves but when they don’t properly dispose of their butts, they’re also harming a defenseless ... (Continue Reading...)

Go One Deeper

Holding your breath for summer? Get your bikini bod ready by ditching the cigs. Smoking decreases lung capacity, making it hard to exercise and stay fit.

Proposed Ban Stirs Up Drama

Politics is a tricky business chock full of checks, balances, hidden agendas, favors and obligations. Nothing is ever quick or easy and everything, everything comes at a price. In what seems like an odd disagreement, lawmakers are standing up against the U.S. Navy because the military branch is attempting to make a healthy move. The U.S. Navy is considering banning the sale of tobacco products on their bases and ... (Continue Reading...)


This month Havoc presents: Vice The days are getting longer and the warm summer sun is near. Havoc is getting in shape for summer festivals. Win your share of $300 in prizes each night. Featuring Smokefree Artists: DJ Scotty Boy Las Vegas open format bad boy DJ Toyokid Los Angeles sound designer and trance DJ