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Jennifer Lawrence

Being that The Hunger Games just enjoyed a mammoth opening and is currently the number one movie in the world, it seems only fitting that we take a moment and see what Jennifer Lawrence is all about since she is one of the biggest actresses on the planet at this moment. Just 21, Jennifer has been acting since 2006. She did some ... (Continue Reading...)

Elizabeth Olsen

It must have been tough for Elizabeth Olsen growing up. As the younger sister of the Olsen twins, how do you ever step out from the shadow of Michelle Tanner? She grew up with her two older sisters being the biggest names in the family…until now. With Mary-Kate and Ashley content with going to fashion shows and popping up in tabloids for going out to get a coffee, Elizabeth ... (Continue Reading...)

Taylor Kitsch

Probably best known for his role as Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, Taylor Kitsch is undoubtedly moving on to bigger and better things. After landing the lead role in the upcoming action/adventure flick, John Carter, it looks like Kitsch has safely made the transition from the small screen to the big screen. The 30-year-old Canadian actor and model has landed a slew of roles in notable films such as Snakes ... (Continue Reading...)

E-Cig Explodes In Someones Face

Everyone knows that smoking isn’t safe. Even electronic cigarettes have their risks; while they contain fewer chemicals than a normal cig, they have higher amounts of nicotine per puff and make quitting tough even though they’re marketed as a “healthier” alternative to traditional smoking. But for one Florida man, the danger of smoking an E-cig took on a whole new shape. While a man was attempting to kick the habit by ... (Continue Reading...)

Andrew Garfield

At just 28, Andrew Garfield is already one of the hottest and most sought after names in Hollywood today. Considering that Garfield started acting professionally back in 2004, he’s made it quite a way in just 8 years. Born in LA to a British mother and an American father, Garfield has dual citizenship (UK & USA) and has acted in both countries. He ... (Continue Reading...)

Money Well Spent

Despite the country being in a state of recession, funding is still allocated both federally and locally for healthy lifestyle promotions. The largest amount of money goes to anti-smoking advertising and has for some time now. With tough economic times upon us, we’ve seen the amount of money given to anti-smoking campaigns dwindle but never go away entirely because, despite there being less money to spend on making people aware ... (Continue Reading...)

Havoc 2012 DJ Mixtape Contest

Havoc announces the second annual Havoc 2012 DJ Mixtape Contest. There were dozens of entries, but only eight mix masters were selected to compete to become the next Havoc Smokefree Artist. DJs cranked out mixes that include the hottest mash-ups and remixes with influences from hip-hop, house, electro, and dub step. Fans are asked to vote on their favorite mix and support their local DJs. Winners receive a booking as a 2012 Havoc Smokefree Artist and $250. Voting ends February 1st.