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$47.7 Million To Save $1

Big tobacco spends $47.7 million to save a buck…kind of. Prop 29 is a California ballot measure that aims to add $1 to the already existing cigarette tax of 87¢ per pack, bringing it to $1.87. The extra dollar is designed to go toward cancer research. The move is designed to have a two-pronged attack. First, raising the cost per pack will drive more people away from buying cigarettes ... (Continue Reading...)

Noomi Rapace

At age 7, Noomi Rapace got her feet wet in the world of acting…the Swedish world of acting that is. At age 7 she landed her first film role and although she had no lines, she fell in love with the craft right then and there. She would go on to portray countless Swedish television and film roles and while she was relatively well known in Sweden, the rest of ... (Continue Reading...)

T. Mills

You know that friend you have who keeps making music in his room, late at night, swearing that one day his ship will come in and he’ll achieve musical fame but you always thought it was nothing more than a pipe dream? Well, California rapper, T. Mills proves that there’s hope for aspiring musicians yet. T. Mills (Travis Tatum Mills) got his start but self-producing and self-releasing his own tunes. He ... (Continue Reading...)

Cigars and Pipes Gain Popularity & Taxes Lose

Nobody can deny it. Big tobacco is really good at reading between the lines. In the newest legal loophole used by big tobacco, the federal government is reporting a tax loss of up to $1.1 billion thanks to the increasing popularity of pipes and cigars. Pipe tobacco and cigars gained quite a bit of popularity from 2009 through 2011. One of the biggest reasons for its growing popularity is the fact ... (Continue Reading...)

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt has been busy lately. The 29-year-old English actress is best known for her roles in The Devil Wears Prada and The Adjustment Bureau but she has kicked it into high gear in 2012. Starring alongside Jason Segel in the comedy flick, The Five-Year Engagement, Blunt is finally able to really showcase the lighter side of her ability. Also out this year, Blunt stars alongside Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt ... (Continue Reading...)

Chris Hemsworth

Probably best known for his role as Thor in both the title film and the upcoming movie The Avengers, Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is one of Hollywood’s hottest young actors. Chris got his start on Australian TV back in 2002 and broke into big screen roles in 2009. He portrayed Captain Kirk Sr. in the 2009 adaptation of Star Trek and landed the lead role of Thor the next year. Although ... (Continue Reading...)

Coming Clean

It has long been suspected that big tobacco has known about the health risks associated with smoking for decades. Many believe that tobacco companies choose to ignore, or in some cases even lie about or cover up, the truth. The truth in this case, is that smoking can cause cancer and other serious health problems. The problem is, through endless legal wrangling tobacco companies have been able to protect their claim ... (Continue Reading...)