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Being smokefree is sexy. Don't believe us? Ask the HAVOC girls.

They're here to share with you why they are smokefree and sexy. Click on one of the girls to learn more.


PENALTY Smoking Decreases Stamina

• Smokers have higher levels of carbon monoxide (CO) in the blood

• CO blocks oxygen from getting into the body, which damages tissue and results in significant decreases in stamina

• Even after smoking, the effects linger due to an active presence of CO in the bloodstream

• Loss of blood flow also reduces muscular endurance and causes a person to tire more quickly

INJURY Smoking Increases The Chance of Injury

• Lower oxygen to the muscles, heart and brain due to CO in the blood can cause people to become dizzy or even faint during intense physical activity

• Smoking reduces bone strength and ability to heal skin, causing injuries to take longer to heal in smokers

• A study found that soldiers who joined the military as smokers were twice as likely to be injured during bootcamp than non-smoker soldiers

It's Never Too Late To Get Back In The Game
Quit smoking and start to see the benefits within hours

• 24 hours after you quit your chance of a heart attack decreases

• 2 weeks after you quit your circulation and lung function will improve

• 1 month after you quit you will start to see your coughing, shortness of breath and fatigue decrease and your stamina increase

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