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eminem You know, there was a time when the only white rapper in the game was a dude who wore parachute pants, battled MC Hammer for the top spot on the charts, had a Max Headroom-esque hair style and danced with Ninja Turtles. Thank goodness Marshall Mathers came along. Mathers, better known as Eminem, hit the mainstream scene in 1999 and he hit it hard. Everyone has seen 8 ... (Continue Reading...)

Ecko & Puerco

tisdale1 Aside from music, acting and taking Pilates classes with Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale has been pretty successful when it comes to endorsements. She has worked as a spokesperson for: Toy 'R' Us, Staples, and T-Mobile. She was the face of Degree Girl in the U.S. and even recorded several songs for them. Tisdale may be better known for her work as a fashion spokesperson. In 2007, Tisdale signed a ... (Continue Reading...)

Ashley Tisdale

tisdale21 Q: How do you become a millionaire if you're under 25? A: Work for Disney It's odd, really. Young adult former Disney stars are fast becoming the invariable who's who of young Hollywood. Think about it. You have: Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and even Miley Cyrus. Aside from the occasional musical film and leaked nude internet pic, these people maintain a generally positive reputation and make money hand over fist. Get ... (Continue Reading...)


speidi Reality TV. You gotta love it, don't ya? The single greatest thing about so-called 'reality' television is just how far from reality it actually is. Everything is staged, nothing is actually spontaneous, there is no coincidence, lines are fed and "reality' scenes are shot and re-shot. Despite the false nature of the genre, a number of otherwise nobodies have managed to cash in from the addictive nature of reality TV. People like, ... (Continue Reading...)

Less Is More? Nope.

hobo-boho-chic They call it boho-chic, sometimes hobo-chic, I call it ugly. Now I know that beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder, and art as a form of creative expression is subjective, but sometimes limits need to be set. Money can't buy happiness nor can it buy fashion sense. marykate_bigchanel The Olsen twins are a perfect canvas for this lapse in ... (Continue Reading...)

Michelle Tanner No More

olsen-twins-picture-1 I think it's safe to say that we all miss Michelle Tanner... everyone's favorite little sister, a child cute enough not to pester. Let's fast forward mmmm say 15 years to a world where grungy artists, and stints in rehab have let many forget about that wonderful little girl. What seems to be a continual pattern in today's Hollywood being young and rich leads to reckless behavior and negative precedent for teens ... (Continue Reading...)

From Freak to Chic

franco Anyone remember a TV show called Freaks and Geeks? It aired back in 1999 on Fox and only last for one season. Generally speaking, most people would consider the show to have been a failure but when you look at the big picture, you see that the show was really just a steppingstone for greatness. The show was produced by Judd Apatow who, at the time, wasn't well known. Apatow would later ... (Continue Reading...)

“Are Those Jessica Simpson’s?”

jsimpson Jessica Simpson's talent has proven itself marketable farther than just the entertainment industry. She is loved in the fashion world for her collection of everything from lip-gloss to hairpieces to shoes. No matter what the accessory, you can count on the Jessica Simpson collection to sell like hot cakes. jessica-simpson-intimates Jessica's main goal was for her collection to be affordable and ... (Continue Reading...)

Jessica Simspon

jsimpson2 Jessica Simpson has been in the spotlight ever since she learned to say "ya'll". Born in Abeline, Texas, Jessica discovered her killer voice after years of singing at her local Baptist church. As a young girl, she built a big name for herself in her religious community and while attending high school, she began recording gospel music for Proclaim Records. Although Proclaim Records went bankrupt before she could release an album, ... (Continue Reading...)