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Paul Rudd

As pop-culturally relevant as it was at the time, Clueless doesn't top too many people's list as one of the best movies ever. In fact, most of the actors in the film didn't do much with their careers afterward, save for one person: Paul Rudd. Rudd's role as Josh in the 1995 flick qualifies as his breakthrough performance but over ten years later, his acting palette ... (Continue Reading...)

Hands All Over

Artist: Maroon 5 Album: Hands All Over Release Date: 09/21/10 The pop rock rulers of the radio are back. The 3rd studio album from Maroon 5 picks up right where the others left off: the top of the charts. Although still over a month out, fans are already drooling. Hands All Over is Maroon 5's 3rd full-length in 9 years. The band isn't known for ... (Continue Reading...)

Murder At The Discotech

Artist: AmpLive Album: Murder At The Discotech Release Date: Out Now! For all the hip hop heads out there, AmpLive probably isn't a new name for you. He's best known for his work as the production half of hip hop duo, Zion I but his latest, solo effort is more than worthy of a listen or an internet copping. Murder At The Discotech is entrancing from the very ... (Continue Reading...)

Adrien Brody

Sure, everyone and their brother knows who Adrien Brody is. He's a huge star and he's been in a bunch of high profile flicks but what you may not know, is that Brody is no fluke. There was no luck involved in his rendezvous with success; in fact, Brody is as hard working as they come in Hollywood and he's anything but "new" to the craft ... (Continue Reading...)

Ashton Michaels Bow Ties

Ok, let's be real here. Girls LOVE to accessorize. I would even go so far as to say that they love it even more than putting the main part of the ensemble together. However, awesome accessories aren't cheap and there comes a time when you have to say "no to the peripheral fashion items. Case and point: the Ashton Michaels bow tie. That's right, ... (Continue Reading...)

Her Favorite Colo(u)r

Artist: Blu Album: Her Favorite Colo(u)r Release Date: August 10th, 2010 Her Favorite Colo(u)r is technically NOT a new album. Blu made it years back but as the case normally is with new artists an their first albums, it wasn't commercially available (save for at Blu's earliest shows or if you are/were one of his buddies). Blu made his big splash on the scene back in '07 when ... (Continue Reading...)

The Brown Breakdown

There are a couple things we know for sure about Chris Brown. Dude can dance, sing and put on a heck of a show. Brown also seems to have an issue with hitting, choking and biting women while driving rented sports cars. The newest addition to the list: no amount of domestic abuse can toughen Brown up when it comes to singing Michael Jackson tunes. Everyone saw, or at least heard ... (Continue Reading...)

Miike Snow

Artist: Miike Snow Album: Miike Snow Release Date: Out Now! Let’s just go ahead and get one thing out of the way here: Miike Snow is not a real person. Miike Snow is a band and there is nobody in the band named Miike. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s take a look a what all the buzz surrounding this band is about. Miike Snow is a Swedish band that formed back in 2007. ... (Continue Reading...)

Purple Label 2-Finger Rings

80's purple is straight up awesome. If you've never been to their site before then, by all means, check it out. They offer a wide variety of clothes accessories and whatnot for both guys and girls at reasonable prices. The website features some prominent and lesser known designers, which makes for a nice range of clothing genres but the part that (in this blogger's opinion) outshines everything else, is their own ... (Continue Reading...)

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

As odd as it may seem, some of the biggest and most respected actors today got their start in one of the most ill-favored genres: horror. Johnny Depp landed his first major role in the original Nightmare On Elm Street. Jennifer Aniston got her big break in the cult horror classic, Leprechaun. Up and coming actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead may well be the newest star to emerge from the murky ... (Continue Reading...)