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Smoking: Bad For Business

According to a new study conducted by the University of Nottingham and Best Australian Casino Guide, smokers are 33% more likely to take time off than non-smokers. Given the plethora of negative health effects that smoking brings with it, this isn’t altogether surprising but when the university put a monetary amount on what these absences cost business, the result was staggering. The university estimates that tobacco related work ... (Continue Reading...)

Olivia Thirlby

Olivia Thirlby started her acting career while still in high school. After only 6 years in the game, she already has a resume that’s more impressive that many of her peers. Since 2006, she has starred in 22 films and has more on the way. Perhaps best known for her role as Leah in Juno, Thirlby’s career is picking up steam and she’s finding herself picking up more and more lead ... (Continue Reading...)

Opportunity Up In Smoke

As if raising the price per pack wasn’t enough of an economic deterrent, nicotine users nationwide can expect to see a growing number of employers screening smokers. While not the first in the nation to do so, news broke about two Detroit-based health care companies that will start denying employment to applicants who smoke in 2013. Yes, this is legal.   Beaumont and Henry Ford Health will start screening applicants for ... (Continue Reading...)