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The Paris Price

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to share the stage with one of the world’s top DJ’s? Nothing would help bolster your career like having your name mentioned in the same breath as someone who is synonymous with EDM. This world class DJ we speak of is none other than Paris Hilton.   Ha. Yeah. We cringed writing that so you reading it must have been even worse.   Since technology has given anyone ... (Continue Reading...)

Havoc EDM Summer

When we say that we party smokefree and sexy, we aren’t kidding. For years now, Havoc has been promoting the best parties around and we’re not slowing down any time soon. Havoc has a couple big EDM events coming up in both Tulsa and OKC and here’s the inside scoop on them:   Rise At Night – Mantis will be headlining the Electric Circus street party and Havoc’s Smokefree Stage will include sets from ... (Continue Reading...)

EDM Is Making BIG Bucks

EDM’s rate of growth in popularity is undeniably impressive. While the genre itself isn’t anything new, it appears as though the masses have finally taken to it and they’ve brought their wallets with them. For a scene that was fairly underground just a couple short years ago, EDM has now become a financial powerhouse. This year’s EDC in Vegas broke several records. Aside from creating the largest stage ever constructed in ... (Continue Reading...)