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EDM in the Mainstream & in Love

Here at Havoc headquarters, we’ve always been about staying true to our scene. We strive to keep things authentic, real and when possible: under the radar. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for EDM’s elite making the most out of their careers but we aren’t the only people noticing a new trend amongst our biggest names in the scene.

Top DJs continue to crossover from the EDM world to mainstream music via collaborative efforts with big name rappers and such. On one hand this is a good thing because it’s a direct sign of EDM’s continued and ever-growing success as a genre. But could this also be the beginning of the end? If EDM continues to pick up steam and becomes increasingly mainstream then the genre runs the risk of becoming over-saturated, or as it may be better known: played out.

There have always been musical similarities between hip hop and EDM so it seems somewhat natural (and inevitable) that crossovers would happen, particularly given the popularity of EDM. There’s also an undeniable similarity in the way that both genres have a sort of DIY approach to the craft these days. Some of biggest names in both scenes are born out of basement shows with beats made on a laptop; the internet is inundated with new would-be superstars every single day. Everybody is trying to claw their way to the top but for those already at the top, can the examples being set lead to the destruction of a scene that everyone has worked so hard to build up?

Collaborations are one thing, business is business. The topics making even bigger waves these days, regardless of whether or not they should, are the personal lives of DJs and their significant others. Sure, people can date whoever the hell they want but when a big name in EDM dates a big name from the mainstream, does that draw too much dramatic, TMZ-style attention to the scene? Do these relationships threaten the legitimacy of house music even though it has nothing to do with the music?

Zedd & Selena Gomez

Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift

Diplo & Katy Perry

If these EDM giants wind up garnering too much media spotlight, too much exposure and too much non-music attention, will that reflect negatively on our scene? Time will tell.


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