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The Paris Price

Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to share the stage with one of the world’s top DJ’s? Nothing would help bolster your career like having your name mentioned in the same breath as someone who is synonymous with EDM. This world class DJ we speak of is none other than Paris Hilton.


Ha. Yeah. We cringed writing that so you reading it must have been even worse.


Since technology has given anyone with a finger the ability to press play and pretend to be a DJ, the EDM scene has been inundated with a plethora of guest DJ’s, celebrity DJ’s and Joe Schmoe’s looking to make a quick buck. Anyone legitimately involved in EDM can spot these money pits from a mile away but to the casual EDM fan, or maybe even a newcomer, this sort of effigy of a DJ can create a harmful association between (for instance) Hilton’s music and what the EDM scene would consider real EDM.


When asked about their willingness to perform with Hilton, EDM heavyweights Deadmau5 and Skrillex said they’d be glad to hop on stage with her – if she paid up. Deadmau5 offered to take the job if Hilton coughed up $2 million. Skrillex, on the other hand, said he’d hold out for more. A Paris Hilton/Skrillex lineup carries a hefty $5 million price tag. Hilton has a history of being open about how much she makes to DJ, so in the minds of Deadmu5 and Skrillex, she can afford to cover that rider.


Deadmau5 offered to play for $2 million mostly as a joke while his counterpart; Skrillex said he’d donate all of the $5 million to charity.


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