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Singing Butts

It’s estimated that trillions (that’s right TRILLIONS) of cigarette butts are littered worldwide every single year. They amount t hundreds of millions of pounds of waste annually and are known to be one of the most toxic forms of marine debris.

Smokers make the choice to partake in an act that’s known to be harmful to themselves but when they don’t properly dispose of their butts, they’re also harming a defenseless environment. So a Dutch/Turkish design studio invented a creative way to encourage smokers to dispose of their butts rather than toss them on the ground.


They call it the “Smoke Pole.” It’s a cigarette butt trash receptacle shaped sort of like a large cigarette. When a smoker inserts their used butt, the pole reacts by playing one of 50 programmed musical and LED songs. Check it out for yourself.


The idea is to make the disposal amusing for smokers so that they are encouraged to use the pole rather than just discard the butt on the ground. Bear in mind that although this may appear ‘fun,’ the Smoke Pole isn’t intended to encourage smoking, it’s simply trying to get people to throw the butts in the trash.


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