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Kids Can Buy E-Cigs in 29 States

Sometimes working backwards is the only option you have. Such is the case when it comes to selling E-Cigs to minors. Currently, most states in the U.S. don’t have laws that prohibit the sale of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices to minors but that’s about to change.

Right now there are 29 states proposing new legislation that would prohibit the sale of any electronic nicotine-smoking device to minors. A few years back when E-Cigs were first introduced to the market, there were no laws in place to stop kids from buying them. Negligence wasn’t to blame; it’s just that federal law doesn’t move as quickly as technology. Basically, E-Cigs and vaping devices hit a market with no laws or regulation…yet.


While E-Cigs are still widely marketed and consumed as a safer-than-smoking alternative (albeit unproven) nationwide, many see them as a potential gateway into nicotine addiction for minors, who cant get regular smokes but can get E-Cigs. The 29 states seeking the regulatory laws don’t anticipate any issues in the new laws passing later this year and fully expect them to be implemented. To be fair though, may E-Cig stores and vendors have already taken it upon themselves to not allow sales to people under 18 but right now that’s a voluntary practice.


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