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During the first few days of the new year, you’re likely to see more joggers on the streets than you will during any other time of the year – most of them clad in their new, workout attire acquired during the holiday season. Within a few weeks though, the pack thins considerably, more and more would-be runners give up on their resolutions until the next year, when they’ll try it again. Most people don’t follow through with their resolutions and the two most popular have always been getting in shape and quitting smoking.

According to a new study, a smoker has far better chances of quitting if they choose to quit on a normal day instead of on New Year’s Day as part of a resolution. In fact, studies show that smokers are most successful when they attempt to quit on a random Monday. Sounds weird, right? However, there is a little bit of psychology behind the stats.


Most smokers won’t be successful in quitting on their first try. Cigarettes are just THAT addictive. When a smoker resolves to quit on New Year’s Day and they fail (or anyone fails at ANY resolution), the typical response is “Oh well, there’s always next year.” Because you associate quitting with an event that only come once per year, you’re much more likely to wait an entire year before you seriously attempt quitting again.


Quitting on a random Monday produces higher numbers of success because the day isn’t associated with anything special. If you fail at quitting, guess what – there’s next Monday. You’re more likely to keep trying to quit when the importance of the day is quitting itself and not a huge holiday. The quitter can also use each Monday as a self-reward day for their continued non-use of cigarettes which helps keep them going and gives them something to look forward to.


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