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Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

Every time you go out partying, you’ve got to play it safe. You never know who is up to what and (unfortunately) you just cant take anything at face value anymore. You cant trust anyone who claims to not have had “that much” to drink, you know that most girls who claim to hate drama have more of it in their life than the Bravo network and dudes that look shady hanging out in the back of the club probably are shady- don’t leave your drink unattended around them.

The tobacco industry is no different. In fact, they are up to some of the most shady tricks you could imagine.

Case and point: ammonia.

Big tobacco adds ammonia to their cigarettes. This chemical does nothing for the flavor of the cigarette, so why add it? What ammonia does do, is increase the amount of nicotine that goes to your brain when you smoke. This additive allows an unnatural amount of nicotine to be taken in, resulting in more of a “smoker’s high” and creates a much more powerful addiction. Pretty underhanded, right?

Let music put a spell on you, not some chemical. Party wild, sexy and smokefree.


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