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Alice Braga

Alice Braga isn’t exactly knew to the big screen, she cut her teeth back in 1998 in a Portuguese short called Trampolim but most of us will recognize her from her role as Angelica in 2002’s City of God. This Brazilian beauty has been appearing in films for over a decade now but she’s just starting to get the blockbuster attention she deserves.

Braga has appeared in both Spanish language and English films – even some notable ones. Did you know she was in I Am Legend, Repo Men, Predators and The Rite? True story. She has appeared on screen with such big names as: Harrison Ford, Will Smith, Ray Liotta, Jude Law, Adrien Brody and Anthony Hopkins among others.


Coming soon, you can catch Alice in the Sci-fi/thriller, Elysium, which also stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. At age 30, Alice is as hot as ever and her resume is growing increasingly impressive with her array of foreign films juxtaposed with Hollywood big budget flicks. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming films starring Alice but lets be honest, its sort of tough to keep your eyes off her, right?


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