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Richard Ayoade

Everyone knows that The Dark Knight Rises killed it at the box office and will undoubtedly be the most lucrative film of the summer but it isn’t the only game in town. Raking it in on the comedy side is The Watch, an all-star casted comedy starring Vince Vaughn, Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill and…ummm, who is that other guy anyway?

Richard Ayoade isn’t a big name in the U.S. but he’s pretty big time in the UK. He’s famous not only as an actor and comedian but he’s made quite an impression behind the camera as well, as both a writer and a director. As an actor, Ayoade is best known for his role as Maurice Ross in the British TV series, The IT Crowd, which ran for 5 seasons.


Although still new to the U.S., Ayoade made his first big move in American entertainment when he directed an episode of Community last year and made his acting debut as Jamarcus in The Watch this year. Lets face facts, if your first role in American comedy has you co-starring with three of the biggest names in the genre; you’re doing something right. Later this year (or possibly early next year), you can catch Ayoade’s new film, The Double. Although he doesn’t star in the film, his first big jaunt into American directing and writing is a comedy starring Mia Wasikowska and Jesse Eisenberg.


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