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Elijah Wood

Anyone ever see that movie North? No? Ok, yeah, dumb question, it kind of sucked anyway. OK how about The Good Son? You know, that one where Macaulay Culkin was a psycho 10-year-old and built a bolt gun to kill dogs, apparently drowned his infant brother and tried killing his mom just to spite his cousin?

Funny thing is, at the time, the entire world thought that it would’ve been Culkin we’d all be talking about 20 years later but as it turns out, it’s his The Good Son co-star, Elijah Wood who survived child stardom to build a successful adult acting career.


Sure we all know and love Frodo Baggins but did you know that Elijah Wood got his first role as an extra in Back To The Future Part 2? Crazy. Aside from his work in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy (and it’s upcoming Hobbit prequels) Wood has also been in several impressive films that often get overlooked due to that whole Hobbit ‘thing.’ He was in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City and Green Street Hooligans.


One of the more endearing traits that makes his fans and the industry love Wood even more is his willingness to open to new projects. He isn’t one of those stuffy A-listers who looks down at TV. In fact, he can currently be seen on FX’s Wilfred, he has worked with Robot Chicken in the past and lends his voice to the TV series, Tron: Uprising and the web series Red Vs. Blue this year.


Elijah Wood’s willingness to take on a challenge and his ability to knock a role out of the park regardless of which screen it shows up on, is what gives him staying power. At 5’6” and a mere 145 lbs., Elijah Wood is one of the biggest men in the game.


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