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Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse Eisenberg is a good, solid young actor making good decisions in his career. Unlike a lot of other younger folks in Hollywood who rush to get their name on a marquee (and a paycheck), Jesse has been patient, chosen his roles deliberately and has enjoyed much critical success as a result.

Nowadays, everyone will recognize Jesse from his role in The Social Network, which is the biggest movie in the world right now. You may also recognize Jesse from his work in Zombieland or Adventureland. My personal favorite Esienberg flick, has got to be The Squid and the Whale; a film that (in this blogger’s opinion) didn’t get the recognition it deserved and Jesse Eisenberg knocked the portrayal of his character out of the park. The point is, Jesse is making big strides in both the quality and notoriety of his work and at only 27, his future is looking exceptionally bright.

Although The Social Network will undoubtedly be the biggest release of the year for Jesse, you can also catch him in a few indie flicks: Holy Rollers, Camp Hell and Solitary Man. Keep an eye out for Jesse Eisenberg, because we haven’t seen the last of him…not by a long shot.


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