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Sky’s The Limit

Artist: Sky Ferreira
Album: TBA
Release Date: 1/11/11

The name Sky Ferreira may not mean much to you right now…but give it a little time. Ferreira is a Portuguese-American singer who could very well be the next big thing and is currently solidly moving her way up on radio play lists.

Ferreira is only 18 and although she’s barely old enough to get into some LA clubs, she’s actually been sneaking her way in for years to promote herself. At age 15, Ferreira began promoting her music in local LA area clubs and although not of age, she was able to leave a lasting impact. In 2009, she signed to Parlophone Records and began cutting demos. Meanwhile, Ferreira also landed a few gigs in some low budget films and music videos (her looks probably helped with that) to further promote her talents.

Her, as yet to be titled, debut album drops on January 11th, 2001 and will be the result of over 3 years worth of songwriting and recording. Needless to say, this will be a pivotal moment in her young career. She could make it big or strike out big time; evidence seems to be pointing to the former, though. Currently, Ferreira has 3 singles in radio rotation: “17, One and Obsession.”

Her style comes off as sort of a cross between Brittany Spears and Lady Gaga. Very poppy, very dancey and very club-ready and remixable. Keep your eyes and ears open, because Sky Ferreira is coming.


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