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Emma Stone

Most of us got our first glimpse of Emma Stone when she played Seth’s (Jonah Hill) love interest in the now immortal, Superbad. You remember, near the end Seth goes in for a kiss and ends up head butting her? Yep, that’s Emma.

There was just something about that combination of red hair (even though she’s naturally blonde), sparkling blue eyes and a raspy bedroom voice that stuck with you after Superbad, and Hollywood took notice. In 2008, Emma landed big roles in both The Rocker and The House Bunny, followed by a role in 2009’s Zombieland. Currently, you can catch her in her very firs lead role as Olive in Easy A.

Things are only looking up for Emma. In 2011 she will be seen in Friends With Benefits, a romantic comedy that also stars Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis and Woody Harrelson. She will also take on her second lead role in The Help. Although still technically single, Emma has been seen around town with some famous young gents, including Teddy Geiger and oddly enough, one of her best friends is Taylor Swift. Go figure.

The lesson to be learned here, kids, is that you’re going places if you’re gorgeous…oh, and it helps if you can act too.


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