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Tila Tequila


Oh Tila, the havoc you cause, the Myspacing you do, and all in the name of MTV. Now I’m the first person to jump and praise anyone for opening new modes of thought and exposing themselves as discriminated minority; whether it be because of race, sexuality, religion, etc But you my dear do so to garner attention, you my dear do it to gain exposure for yourself (which by definition is now a product to be bought and sold) at the expense of gaining equality for those you claim to represent. That being said, you are also a reputed partier who sees just as many camera lights as you do police lights.

Recently hitting the news screens with your late-night physical altercation with San Diego Charger’s Shawne Merriman. Hours before the incident paparazzi captured your partying ways at a local club. While there is no excuse for man to every touch a woman, I must say they dropped the charges and the actual story will remain on the mansion grounds of your last break up. After sweeping through these articles I wanted to learn more about Ms. Tequila and her illustrious characters.


Tila hasn’t always been the little bundle of social-networking-silicone joy that we know today. The 4’11 starlet was once in a gang and sent to several different schools for her antagonist behavior. She did drugs and got into the club scene at a very young age. I’ll say at the very least, young Tila had a hard life that led somehow to the silver-lined reality show cloud that she now resides in.

Your partying ways not only happen in the far reaches of So Cal, but also to the TV screens of millions when you premiered MTV’s now wandering Shot at Love series. The show aimed to be the first ever bisexual dating contest, but really turned out to be a classless display of whipped creamed, over muscled, overtly trashy, pillow fighting cast of idiots and Tila with shot glasses of “love.” Party on I say, all the way to cancellation.

Now kids, if you just can’t get enough of this gorgeous glass of reality baffoonery you can now read her with a nice cup of tea and blanket. Tila releases updated journal entries on her site, not to mention she tweets and tweets and tweets. I believe that twittering could soon collapse just like Myspace because of this. She also has a book our called Hooking Up with Tila, I’m sure this will on day be a classic. Tila word of advice, keep up the good work, you give lil girls across the planet something to strive towards… sobriety, college, and shirts that fits. I’m out!


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