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How does that saying going, “ a woman scorned…” gets so fabulous not even Paris can out shine her, shaved hair can’t de-feminize her, and even the hottest hip-hop newcomers can’t tame her or even stay on her radar for long. 2009 has been a rainy year in terms of bad press, deplorable picture leaks, and complicated courtroom proceedings for urban princess Rhianna. Luckily she’s had many an umbrella-ella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay (I had to do it) to stand under. From Drake to Justin, and her cameo’s in some of the hottest singles, with the hottest rappers in the game; including Jay Z and Mr. “I can’t get enough bad press” West.

Rhianna has come a long way from “Pon de Replay.” The transition from pop princess to gorgeous, alluring, leather-loving, party-pumpin songstress happened at about the time that Chris Brown made the biggest mistake of his life. The February 2009 incident that rocked the front pages for weeks, and the once demure and outgoing celebrity went underground. As she re-emerged, many were apprehensive as what would be the next step for the young starlet. Would the graphic pictures of her brutal assault stay in the heads of her fans, the media, and concert goers?

Rihanna needed a little more credit. As she slowly surfaced; first for dinners out and then for a little dancing; Rihanna did what most strong women do after they fall victim to love gone wrong; they shop, they dance, they PARTY, they make new friends. Dawning a very sexy, very edgy faux-hawk and some new couture digs, Rihanna came back hotter than ever.


But like most great Hollywood dramas, the twists and turns never stop. In the past few months Rihanna has been linked to “Baby you my everything” crooner Drake, both slyly deny the connection. However in the past few weeks, rumors have surfaced that she might have been the catalyst to the now nasty break-up of super couple Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake. The pair were caught on tape partying it up, but both have maintained that they are just friends.

Unlike the skank-a-lishneous of past party goers like of Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie, Rihanna does so with class and a sense of style. She brings a different air when she walks into a room. Her swagga, though guarded, is still as genuine as it is cutting edge. So far we’ve gotten a roller coaster from Rihanna, I’d like to see what the next ride is.


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