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Nikki Reed


How many 21 year olds can say they’ve written and starred in an award-winning, critically acclaimed movie and is now apart of the hottest cast in the hottest movie this side of the galaxy? I can think of about…. one, Miss Nikki Reed. Hailing from West Los Angeles this gorgeous brunette has more than just a tantalizing look, and edgy sex appeal; she’s a a dramatic genius, who can articulate and resonate feelings far beyond her age group.

Many were first introduced to her when co-wrote and starred in Thirteen, a raw look at teen age life gone out of control. She went on to star as Sadie in the hit series The O.C. Currently many teenie boppers know her from one role and one role only, as Rosalie Hale the sister vampire of Edward Cullen (Robert Patterson). The role has Reed as a blonde, which cause some controversy, though the reason for this or why it would matter is beyond me, as I don’t really care; blonde or brunette, home slice has it going on! The role has definitely catapulted the young starlett to new heights. However, unlike many young actresses, Nikki Reed appears to have real substance and brains to back up the talent. These days its hard to find an actress with something worth while to say, check out any of Reed’s interviews and you’ll see she’s nothing but worth while.


I’ve personally never been more excited to see what an actress has the possibilities of doing, like Nikki Reed. I suggest everyone get on this band wagon…hurry it’s already on the move.


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