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Buffalo Exchange


Everyone loves a good deal, I know I do; sometimes you sacrifice certain things to stretch that dollar. But there are rare occasions when certain stores always have great deals on great clothes. Buffalo Exchange is with out exception one of those stores.

The concept and first stored arrived in 1974 in Tuscan, AZ, I know not necessarily the fashion mecca of the US. However the concept has survived and so has the store to great success. To date Buffalo Exchange has generated 37 stores and 2 franchises in 14 states, not to mention $56.3 million in sales a year. Not to shabby for a sell and trade store.


The deals are amazing at Buffalo, for example I’m sitting comfy in my $20 Joe Jeans, and I’ve got some killer $30 stoned washed denim Seven’s sitting in the hamper, among other things from my favorite retailer. The best part about Buffalo Exchange is that the inventory is always changing, and the clothes will always be different because people sell and trade things from all over the states and even the world. The prices are affordable, and you can walk away feeling a sense of beating the man, as well as saving the environment. Millions of dollars is wasted on new textiles in this country alone, with stores like Buffalo we are cutting down on this, and bring cool back into the concept of reusable.


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